Christmas Flameless Candles

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Christmas flameless candles create a festive atmosphere for any home, school or organization – and they’re completely safe! Perhaps members of a church choir want to carry red and green candles for effect while carolling. Many people like to decorate their living rooms with Santa and snowman candles but don’t want to pose any danger to their children. And candles can add a dramatic effect to any Christmas presentation, but there are often rules about carrying open flames onstage. In all of these cases and many more, flameless Christmas candles may be the perfect product.

Innovations in design technology have allowed manufacturers to create flameless candles that look identical to conventional candles. With LED lights that mimic moving, flickering flames, the new generation of flameless Christmas candles can create just the right mood for any holiday celebration, safely, economically and beautifully.
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A Safe and Merry Christmas

Years ago, people decorated their Christmas trees with dozens of small candles, their flickering glow a sign of light coming into the world that this holiday symbolizes. Today, of course, we wouldn’t dream of putting open flames on a tree indoors. The smoke from all of those conventional candles alone would set off smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, not to mention the obvious fire risk. Yet, there is something moving and beautiful in celebrating this most holy day with candles on the mantel, in the school Christmas concert, or at any holiday party. They have a warmth and a quiet glow that’s just right for this happy occasion and make perfect gifts for friends and family.

Realistic Products

How can you achieve the beautiful and traditional effect you want without creating a safety hazard? The answer lies in the new generation of flameless candle products. New technologies allow manufacturers to create wax flameless candles that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional candles. With LED lights that are programmed to create the illusion of a moving flame, as well as a randomized flickering effect, these flameless candles are a perfect way to celebrate Christmas safely and beautifully. Plus, Christmas flameless candles come in a number of designs that make for perfect gifts and easy festive décor. 

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